Now You Shall Know Me Again

I suppose that, since Jekyll has introduced himself inadequately, it is up to Yours Truly to, in addition to myself, acquaint you with him properly.

Good day.  My name is Of No Consequence, though my pseudonym is Hyde.  Jekyll’s name, incidentally, is also Of No Consequence, a fact attributable to the fact that we are, in fact, the same person.  Jekyll wishes to elaborate in a later post, so I shall leave the explanations of why this simultaneous duality and singularity exists within us to him.

So who is Jekyll?  And who is Hyde?  I, my friends, am Hyde: the amiable, polite, and (dare I be so conceited to say it?) clever half.  Jekyll, on the other hand…well, perhaps it would make more sense coming from him.

Jekyll here.  Just clarifying quickly that Hyde’s also the stupid one.  Or maybe just the one who doesn’t overthink things, which in my opinion makes him the stupid one.  I’ll analyze every angle, brainstorm every theory, and do everything that I can to keep myself (and through my advice, all of you) alive as long as possible.  Admittedly, I’m also a cocky, almost downright unlikable prick.  An “arrogant bastard of a nerd,” if you will.

And now, since I’m sure you’re obviously seeking Hyde at this point, I make my triumphant return.  I exist largely because, at times, Jekyll needs to relieve the stress of being who he is.  An deterrent to the constant pressure.  My approach is different than his.  You’ll see both approaches in time.

Now, not only is our name Of No Consequence.  We reside in the rural town of Of No Consequence, Trivial in continental America, though we are currently attending college in the more urban Undisclosed, Trivial.  We are approximately 20 years old, though a specific number shall be withheld.  Frustratingly vague, I’m sure, but I’m afraid that we cannot elaborate due to Jekyll’s rampant paranoia.

But please, don’t be a stranger because of that.  Jekyll may not trust people, but I assure you that I do.  Comment, and let us become more acquainted.  After all, despite my name, I carry no cane, and if I did, I would certainly not savagely beat you with it.



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