Hyde’s Musings #2: Multiverses


Hello again, friends.  Hyde has returned to ponder some of the greater mysteries surrounding Our Mutual Friend.  Today, the topic I’ll be covering is that of multiverses.  What does this have to do with the Slender Man, you may be asking?


A recurring term I’ve been hearing lately is “Dimensional Bleeding.”  Our friends at Observe and Terminate first noticed it when PTC member B2 began showing up in multiple places at the same time.  It’s a fairly self-explanatory theory: alternate dimensions are bleeding into each other.

So what does this mean for us?  What purpose does this wonderful thing called Dimensional Bleeding serve?  Simply put, it explains everything.  All the small inconsistencies running through the blogs that cannot simply explained by unreliable narration.  When one deals with a subtle Slender Man and another deals with one that is highly aggressive, how can we then explain this?  Why is it why some of us fight armies of “proxies” and others find the concept so ridiculous that we put the term in quotes.

Simply put, so very many things can be explained by the fact that we all inhabit different dimensions or realities, which all bleed into each other.  Perhaps the internet serves as a sort of hub where messages from all these dimensions converge.

What this means, naturally, is that every last word is true.  And every last word is real.  And at the same time, they’re all completely false.  Perhaps in one reality, Marble Hornets is a web series created by film students Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage.  But perhaps, in another reality, it is a series of videos chronicling the very real journey into hell of Alex Kralie and Jay [Undisclosed] (while the [Of No Consequence] and [Undisclosed] families are often cited as sharing many common ancestors, I regret that Jay and I share no relation).

What exactly causes this Dimensional Bleeding?  Well, there is a good chance that it involves one or more of three things: the Bleeding Tree, the Slender Man, and the Path of Black Leaves.  While it is nothing more than a theory, I would speculate that the Path of Black Leaves is the “What,” the Bleeding Tree is the “How,” and the Slender Man is the “Why.”  What do I mean by this?  Allow me to explain.

The Path of Black Leaves is what is causing the Dimensional Bleeding in the first place.  Consciously or subconsciously, both sides are traveling through it.  Sometimes the Path warps space and time, creating a sort of wormhole from one location in space to another.  This much has been all but confirm, and likely explains any sort of teleportation used by our tall friend.  But it is quite possible that the Path can create what is less of a wormhole and more of a portal.  A portal to another dimension.  We pass through these portals almost unconsciously, jumping around from one world to another and unintentionally wreaking general havoc on the universe.

Good job, Hyde.  Now you’re thinking with portals.  You must be the pride of [Subject Hometown Here].  Also, I think that that last statement requires an obligatory “Nice job breaking it, hero.”

Sorry, sorry.  I’m done here.

The Bleeding Tree could quite possibly explain how the Path of Black Leaves works.  After all, what sort of leaves would you expect to fall from a tree that bleeds?  A tree that is incredibly hard to find.  A tree that may even be mobile.  Perhaps the adjective refers to more than actual blood.  Perhaps it is what causes the dimensions to bleed in the first place.

But why would any of this be happening, especially when it wasn’t happening before?  The “why” is explainable when you bring the Slender Man into the picture.  He utilizes the path, ripping holes in the fabric of reality.  Perhaps proxies are able to utilize the path because he allows them to.  Perhaps other times whatever wormholes or portals he creates when he shifts between dimensions merely get left over.  Perhaps he even pulls us between dimensions.  Who can say for sure?

These, naturally, are all just theories.  Musings.  Far be it from me to claim to be right.

Good Luck and Godspeed,



Jekyll’s Advice 5: Cameras, Technology, and Sleep


Cameras.  When you think about the Slender Man, you tend to think about them as well.  After all, filming seems to be a form of compulsion (Hyde’s going to be posting about compulsions later, so be looking forward to that).

And the fact that it’s a compulsion is exactly why you shouldn’t film yourself.  If that’s not reason enough for you, consider this: the Slender Man is often believed to be something of a cam whore, trying to appear in as many photos or videos as possible, presumably so he can post them to MySpace where people can tell him how sexy that photoshopped body looks on him.  Only instead of photoshop he uses video and audio distortion and instead of being a fifteen-year-old girl he’s a Lovecraftian eldritch demon or something.

Basically, he seems to be drawn by cameras.  Not other technology, really.  Just cameras.  Whether he has any other effect on technology seems to vary from person to person.  He’s never fucked up my iPod—although that may have something to do with the fact that I don’t have an iPod because fuck Apple.  I just used “iPod” because you’d all recognize it easily, and I’m sure that your mp3 player or other technological device of choice can easily be put where “iPod” is in that sentence.  Or maybe not.  Maybe there’s just something about iPods that turns them into pieces of shit whenever the Slender Man comes knocking.  But anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent.  Basically, keep an iPod or something on you in case it does create a nifty little Slender Man burglar alarm, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.  And if he does mess it up, be aware that it just might be what’s drawing him in the first place.

But why use cameras in the first place, apart from compulsion?  After all, it doesn’t start as a compulsion.  Probably to make sure nothing goes wrong when you’re sleeping.  But guess what’s much more reliable than using a camera to keep an eye on you while you sleep?  That’s right, not using a camera to keep an eye on you while you sleep!  Well, assuming that cameras draw him, at least.  If you have to keep an eye on yourself, find someone to watch you while you sleep.  Nap during the day.  Make sure you sleep somewhere near a light sleeper so that they wake up if you suddenly decide to get yourself a midnight snack.

Really, sleeping is when you’re most vulnerable, and what’s worse, it’s unavoidable.  You will have to sleep sooner or later, and the deeper you sleep, chances of something going wrong are (probably) higher.  If you sleep normally, you risk the Slender Man…doing whatever it is he does when you’re asleep.  If you don’t sleep at night, other people will get suspicious and you risk getting them involved.  If you’re worried about sleepwalking, you can handcuff yourself to your bed—but then what happens if you need to run?  With sleep, you’re kinda boned.  There are a few different approaches you can take, but in reality, they’ll only maybe work.  You just have to figure out what works best.


Jekyll’s Lessons 4: Trust


I’m not going to sugar-coat this: a lot of you are fucking morons.  Some of the moves you make look Jay looks smart.  And this is the guy who decides to go visit abandoned houses at night.

And you know why I say you’re all so stupid and genre blind?  Because you go around automatically assuming that everyone out there wants to help you.  That nothing could possibly go wrong.

I’m not going to make many friends by doing this, but then again, I’m not one for making friends in the first place.  But let’s begin, shall we?

I’ve seen a trend lately of bloggers coming across another blog, going “hey, you seem pretty cool—let’s get in contact!” and then deciding to meet up.  Like, in person.  With someone on the internet that you don’t know.

Now, I don’t know about your parents, but my mommy always told me not to give out my personal information to strangers, because you never know who exactly is going to toss you into their van.  And Chris Hanson told me that there are plenty of people on the internet who need a good dose of having a seat over there.  And while you eventually catch on that not everyone is out to kill, rape and, or kidnap you and realize that it’s okay to talk to strangers, by that time you should (hopefully) be equipped to tell who’s a predator and who’s the person who’s more or less just like you (note: if you are, in fact, a predator, I apologize for the redundancy of that sentence).

But here’s the thing: in the scenario we’re in right now, there is, in fact, a good chance, that everyone is trying to kill you.  People are not as trustworthy as they seem.  Let me give you some examples.

We all remember Robert Sagel.  The man responsible for Core Theory.  A man who started to emerge as a leader.  And what happened?  He went insane.  He claimed that he had a pocket knife that could kill the Slender Man.  A pocket knife.  The man that everyone put so much faith in, the man who would lead us to victory—and he’s now so distrusted that people are more willing to think he’s dead, even when he himself is telling people that he’s alive.

Or Maduin, the Jester.  The badass in the bunny mask who had the balls to prank the Slender Man itself.  And now, after we’ve been trusting him for nearly a full year, we’re being given hints that the Jester may not be who we think he is.  That he’s less trustworthy than we first assumed.

And then there are the things that absolutely stun me.  Robert and Maduin at least worked to gain trust before it was lost.  They were actually doing something other than running around aimlessly.  But some of you ass-backwards idiots?  You don’t seem to notice that all these other bloggers are unreliable chucklefucks.  Even if you’re completely convinced that the person you’re talking to doesn’t secretly mean you harm (doesn’t matter whether they’re running or working for the Slender Man, considering how sociopathic some of these people are), what’s to say that they won’t just lose their Marble Hornets at any time?  What’s to say they won’t betray you to save their own life?  And what makes you think that you’ll be safer in a group in the first place?  Fish in the ocean are a lot harder to shoot than ones in a barrel.

Let me tell you about the pinnacle of stupidity that I’ve seen.  A blogger (or rather, a friend of a blogger who sometimes posts on the blog) gets married.  He decides “hey, let’s invite all these people on the internet that I’ve never met who are all being stalked by the Slender Man and gather them all in one convenient place!  And let’s maybe even invite a few of the people working for the Slender Man because, hey, even though they work for the thing that’s probably trying to kill us, they seem like okay people!”


It’s worth noting that everyone at said wedding was attacked and that said blogger getting married ended up being killed shortly after (although I’m not certain how related that death was to the wedding incident.  Maybe karma realized that he was breaking Darwin’s Law and the universe decided to correct itself).  None of the bloggers died, which I can only attribute to either the best luck ever or the providence of some retarded higher power (because I don’t know what other sort of higher power wouldn’t just roll its eyes and let the gene pool take care of itself).

Put simply, you people are all too fucking trusting.  You’ll rather have the company of self-admitted murderers and even people working for the Slender Man over your own common sense.  I’m not saying cut yourself off from everyone entirely.  I’m just saying that, if you’re to the point where you’re considering these unstable people you know from the internet who may turn on you at any time your best friends…well, it’s either time to cut ties or to consult someone about your gambling addiction.  Because even the highest rollers don’t bet their lives like this.

And to be brutally honest, if you die or even just get yourself hurt because you trusted the wrong person…well, no offense, but you probably deserved it.