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So what’s up, everyone?  How are you all doing?  Don’t answer that, because I don’t fucking care.

So, the percentage of you that should probably be way higher who follow me religiously may have noticed that I haven’t said anything for a while.  You may be wondering if something’s happened, or if I’m okay.  You’re probably not because chances are you just don’t give a damn or are assuming everything’s fine.  Which it is.  For the most part.

Basically, I just don’t feel the need to keep everyone constantly updated.  After all, what’s the point?  The more time I spend blogging, the more I think about the Slender Man, and the greater the chance that draws him to me.  As long as I’m okay, I don’t need to share every single minor encounter with him I have, and certainly not any other boring daily stuff.  No one cares how often I shudder under the blankets listening to happy music and trying to ignore the fact that he’s outside my window, let alone caring about what I ate for breakfast.

But I’m going to ramble about personal things for a bit.  With some purpose.

While it’s good to try to keep others uninvolved, it’s also not good to be alone.  I covered this in much greater detail here.  Basically, I’ve been inviting a few friends over and keeping my dorm room door open to keep things a bit more public.  I’ve had a girl (let’s call her Girl—a bit unimaginative, but in my defense, fuck you) over a few times to play Risk with me, my roommate (who we’ll call Roommate) and Guy Across the Hall (or maybe Gath—which actually sounds a bit like a legitimate fantasy name).  It’s uplifting.  Just a small group of people, laughing and joking around.  Works wonders.  In fact, I usually turn to one of them whenever I can’t shake the thoughts of him or the feeling I get when he’s around.  When I watch a movie alone, I find it a bit hard to keep my thoughts focused entirely on what’s happening on the screen.  Gath and I are both the type of person who can’t help providing our own commentary as we watch, which is much more distracting.  Roommate’s usually up for some gaming, which is always better when there’s actually someone in the room with you, and Girl’s just really easy to chat with for some reason.  Female perspective, I guess?

So yeah, don’t worry about me.  I’m doing fine.  The further I can stay away from the blogs and vlogs, the better.  Truth be told, they’re kind of addicting.  I think they’re an obsession for a lot of people (Hyde’s probably going to be covering obsessions, as well as origins later on—making a little note here so we don’t forget), and they usually tend to depress me.

Well, anyway, I guess Hyde or I will talk to you all later.  I’m going to skim a few blogs and then take off for a while again.



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